The Committee regrets that under the prevailing conditions there is no alternative other than to cancel this year’s Halford Hewitt tournament.  Consideration was given to possible alternative options, but these are not practicable.

Postponement was suggested however the host clubs’ diaries are already crowded during a normal year and are likely to become more so at the end of this year once life returns to normal.  A date at the end of October was mooted but lack of daylight would have made it too difficult to complete.

We also considered holding the tournament along similar lines to 1924, with schools arranging their own matches throughout the Summer and with a semi-final and final in the Autumn.  However, the size and number of fixtures to be played in the first round, together with the need to amend the draw so that schools would not be asked to travel unreasonable distances, made us conclude that this was also unlikely to work.

Finally, we were planning to announce that the Peter Kenyon Bowl would go ahead as normal, until that hope was finally extinguished when the current restrictions on movement were announced.  We would like to place on record our appreciation of Prince’s Golf Club for doing everything they could, right up to the last minute, to help us in this regard.

2020 Entry Fees:

The Committee has considered what should happen to entry fees for this year’s tournament.  Bearing in mind that some expenditure has already been incurred, along with the administrative task of arranging 64 separate bank transfers, we propose to retain the entry fees and carry them forward towards the 2021 Hewitt.

We are aware that schools fund their entry fees in a variety of ways and that some are paid by team members who have no guarantee of playing next year.  Any school that requests a return of the fee will receive it, less a deduction for costs already incurred and excluding the levy for the Centenary Fund.  Any requests should be sent to the Hon Secretary.

AGM and Draw for the Halford Hewitt 2021:

Finishing on a more positive note, the 2021 AGM and draw for the Halford Hewitt will take place at the East India Club, 16 St James’ Square, London on Wednesday 13th January 2021 starting at 6.00pm.

N D Owen

Hon Secretary – PSGS