A variety of documents have been produced about the Hewitt ranging from Peter Ryde’s excellent Festival of Foursomes which covers the history and personalities of the Hewitt from the start until 1984 to less grand pamphlets and compendia of statistics. The Festival of Foursomes is a must for anyone who wants to understand the traditions of this great event.

The first collection of statistics was produced by Robin Anderson (Malvern) who painstakingly compiled the Anderson Scale which is published each year and assesses the merits of each team.

More recently, a compendium of trivia (longest, shortest, etc) has been compiled and this is produced (approximately) every 5 years. The most recent edition (2006) also contains some of the stories of ‘boys behaving badly’ that make the Hewitt the great institution that it is today.

The last two of these are available electronically

Halford Hewitt Trivia 2006

Halford Hewitt Trivia 2003