New Halford Hewitt Website

//New Halford Hewitt Website

We are pleased to launch our new Halford Hewitt website in time for the 2019 competition.

Golfing Society website development specialist – net72

We are very pleased that net72 have designed and built our new look Hewitt website that we hope you will enjoy and make use of.

On the website, you will be able to view the up-to-date draw, see the results as they come in, review the practice arrangements, as well as keep up with the latest news in and around the Halford Hewitt tournament.

By way of reference, here are some examples of net72’s golfing society clients:

Old Hurst Johnian Golf Society
Stock Exchange Golfing Society
Old Salopian Golfing Society 
The Bar Golfing Society
Lloyd’s Golf Club
Hazards Golfing Society
Old Millfieldian Golfing Society
Army Officers Golfing Society

What net72 websites are designed for:

a) To be an effective administrative tool for the Secretary to run the Society’s affairs efficiently
b) Enable members to express their interest for matches and meetings online
c) Take payment securely through the website for matches and meetings online
d) Assist match managers to manage their teams online
e) Maintain its archives and make them accessible to members
f) Provide members with Society news, match reports and details of events
g) Provide a means of purchasing Society merchandise online
h) Provide a Members Directory that only accessible to members (that members keep up-to-date themselves)

Website Demonstration Area

If you would like to see the society websites functionality behind the scenes, follow this link to the demonstration area.

If your society has any website requirements, please contact Charles Waud on +44 207 940 5503 or by emailing