Halford stories – Aldenham

//Halford stories – Aldenham

Aldenham had retired to their hotel with that warm rosy feeling that comes from beating a side to whom you were supposed to lose in order to celebrate the great occasion. Their success was at least in part due to a couple of ‘new recruits’ so it seemed only fitting  that, after dinner, one or two of the “old hands” would show these youngsters the delights of Margate.

Cutting a long story short, they arrived back at their hotel to continue the party into the early hours of the morning with one or two ladies who, by all accounts, had long since lost their amateur status. Sadly the noise of the revelry woke the hotelier who took an dim view of the affair and ordered Aldenham to vacate the premises forthwith. And they were unceremoniously thrown out onto the street.

One of the elder statesmen of the Aldenham team was heard to complain vociferously the next day. Not, as you might think, because of the appalling behaviour of the rowdy element of the team but simply because they did not wake him up so that he could join the party!