Future Dates

//Future Dates

The date of the Halford Hewitt is determined according to the “Micklem Formula” as determined by Gerald Micklem as follows:

“The final of the Halford Hewitt will be played on the second Sunday in April, unless that is Easter Sunday, in which case it will be played on the first Sunday in April.”

YearDate of Easter SundayHalford Hewitt
20239th April30th March - 2nd April
202431st March11th - 14th April -Centenary Year
202520th April10th - 13th April
20265th April9th - 12th April
202728th March8th - 11th April
202816th April6th - 9th April
20291st April5th - 8th April
203021st April11th - 14th April
203113th April3rd - 6th April
203228th March8th - 11th April
203317th April7th - 10th April
20349th April30th March - 2nd April
203525th March5th - 8th April
203613th April3rd - 6th April
20375th April9th - 12th April
203825th April8th - 11th April
203910th April31st March - 3rd April
20401st April5th - 8th April