Competitors and supporters will no doubt be aware of the current global situation regarding Coronavirus.
Our intention is to hold the Halford Hewitt this year unless the UK government brings in legislation that will prevent us from doing so.
It will not be possible to screen all those attending in order to determine where they have recently travelled or whether they are showing any symptoms of infection.
Competitors and supporters should make their own decision as to whether they should attend this year’s event in the light of their own circumstances, age and medical history. We accept that due to this and international travel restrictions, some teams will be weaker than normal. Under these circumstances, schools should feel free to withdraw from the competition this year without any ramifications with regard to entry next year.
The host clubs have implemented their own guidelines about the situation, which include asking anyone with any symptoms of the virus and/or who has recently returned from the areas listed by the government as high risk to follow the government guidance and refrain from visiting the Clubs. We extend this request to anyone attending the Hewitt.
We would like to see as many of you as normal but wish to reiterate that attendance is at your own risk.
Kind regards,
N D Owen
Hon Secretary – PSGS
(M): 07880 784379