Halford stories – Aldenham

Aldenham had retired to their hotel with that warm rosy feeling that comes from beating a side to whom you were supposed to lose in order to celebrate the great occasion. Their success was at least in part due to a couple of ‘new recruits’ so it seemed only fitting  that, after dinner, one or two of the “old hands” would show these youngsters the delights of Margate. Cutting a long story short, they arrived back at their hotel to continue


A variety of documents have been produced about the Hewitt ranging from Peter Ryde’s excellent Festival of Foursomes which covers the history and personalities of the Hewitt from the start until 1984 to less grand pamphlets and compendia of statistics. The Festival of Foursomes is a must for anyone who wants to understand the traditions of this great event. The first collection of statistics was produced by Robin Anderson (Malvern) who painstakingly compiled the Anderson Scale which is published each year