The weather improved in the afternoon and there were no further squalls.  Light remained good until late in the evening which was fortunate because the start of the last quarter-final was delayed due to Malvern requiring extra holes to despatch Rugby in the morning.  We allowed them 20 minutes for lunch, which may be ample for a vegan teetotaller but is a significantly shorter period than they are accustomed to. It would be nice to report an afternoon of high drama,


The morning started with blue skies and a gentle breeze.  Suddenly a dark cloud hove into view and conditions deteriorated into a vicious squall with strong winds mixed with stinging hail, the whole effect making you feel like hot needles were being fired at you.  All in all, not unlike a sudden visit from my mother-in-law! Edinburgh beat Haileybury to set up a quarter-final match against Loretto who beat Berkhamsted.  Watson’s ran out comfortable winners against Rossall and will play Cheltenham


The late great Gerald Micklem used to say that the key to a successful Hewitt was firstly to get rid off the holders and then to get rid of Eton.  Both happened on day two of this year’s Hewitt which contained some significant upsets and ended with one of the finest match-winning shots in the history of the Hewitt. The day started grey and overcast with a real threat of rain and the biting Easterly wind which has been gnawing away


Under difficult playing conditions at Deal with an unusual Easterly wind blowing across the course rather than up or down it, this was always going to be a slowish day.  By the end of it, the final groups were taking 5 – 6 minutes over 4 hours.  We fell behind the target time of 90 minutes for the front nine early on and after that there was no way back.  The attached link identifies those games at Deal which were


The Peter Kenyon Bowl has now been completed.  The winners were Westminster, represented by D B Weinstein and T Smith with 36 points, beating J Balgarnie and H Kingsbury (also Westminster) on countback with 20 points over the last nine holes.  Westminster played on the Tuesday and conditions have been difficult all week so 36 points is a very creditable score.


The first day of the competition proper dawned with leaden skies and a firm wind from the East, the resulting effect in terms of wind-chill being to give the competitors and spectators the impression that they were playing in or watching the Siberian Gulag Open Foursomes.  It was in fact so cold that the faint background headache caused by my researches into the quality of beer in East Kent was gone by the time I stumbled across the car park. The


Wednesday of Hewitt week was much more pleasant in terms of weather, blue skies but with still quite a fresh breeze from the North-East it was decidedly chilly.  The Hon Sec headed over to Littlestone to play in the Peter Kenyon Bowl.  Littlestone was in fine condition with slick greens, firm fast fairways and great beer.  Unfortunately, due to an inability to hole any putt longer than 3″, the golf was of less importance than the beer in the general


Tuesday marks the start to Hewitt week and is one of the more relaxed and low-key days.  Many schools get down to Kent early and like to practice on the Tuesday, which is less  crowded than the Wednesday practice day and therefore pace of play is faster. This year we start with slightly subdued spirits because our President is unable to be with us due to a heart condition that will result in surgery during the week (NHS willing!)  Our thoughts

Halford Hewitt – The Draw 2019

HALFORD HEWITT 2019 – THE DRAW The Draw for the 2019 Halford Hewitt took place as usual at the East India Club, London, on Wednesday 9th January. What is always a convivial affair was well attended as usual with many Hewitteers in good form and clearly looking forward to the golfing season ahead.  Indeed for many of us, this marks the start of the year and brings encouraging thoughts of the fun that lies in wait. For the second year running, Bugsy’s Balls