The Anderson Scale and Other Guides to Form

/The Anderson Scale and Other Guides to Form

The Anderson Scale was devised by Robin Anderson, a redoubtable Old Malvernian and stalwart of the Halford Hewitt.  It is based on the principle of one point awarded for each overall match won and is a rough guide to form.

Robin Anderson devised the Anderson Scale in the 70’s and interest in it led to the founding of the Trivia.  Robin represented Malvern from 1959 – 1990 playing 115 matches during which he enjoyed a winning run of 15 matches when partnered by Clive Edginton, the immediate past-Captain of the R & A.

Anyone tempted to study form as a guide to performance in this year’s Hewitt should remember the old advice, “the value of your investment can go down as well as up”!!

The current Anderson Scale can be found here

If you wish to apply more detailed forensic analysis to the past results they can be found here.