2021 Entry Instructions and Form

/2021 Entry Instructions and Form

I am writing to outline the arrangements for the playing of the 2021 Halford Hewitt Cup.  As you will appreciate, this is an unusual year and so the arrangements are very different from normal.  Please make sure that you and your team Captains read all communications carefully.

Should the Covid restrictions persist beyond the end of June, the Committee will make the decision whether to proceed with the tournament no later than 31st July.

Royal Cinque Ports and Prince’s Golf Clubs have kindly agreed to the Halford Hewitt being played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9th – 12th September 2021.

The format of the week will be as follows:

– Tuesday 7th September – no formal practice arrangements this year.

– Wednesday 8th – practice rounds at Deal and Prince’s in accordance with times allocated by the Committee in accordance with the Draw.

– Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th – Halford Hewitt.

The clubs have other diary commitments on the Tuesday which cannot be altered.  Tee times may be available and should be arranged directly with the host clubs.  Green fees will be payable.

In order to recover costs that were incurred last year prior to cancellation of the Halford Hewitt, and the slightly increased cost of course rentals this year due to rescheduling of the tournament, there will be a small entry-fee of £215.  This includes the regular £20 contribution to the Centenary Fund.  The entry form and details can be found below.

Green drawcards, brown Plate drawcards and the poster-size drawsheet will be available from both clubhouses from the weekend prior to the tournament.

Matches will be played by foursomes with each School providing 5 pairs.  Each round will be over 18 holes knock-out, and any halved match must immediately continue playing until one School has won 3 matches outright.  Each School’s order of play (including the name of the team Captain) must be handed in to the administration office at the Club at which the match takes place, at least half an hour before the start of the match.

The Prince’s Plate competition for all teams that have been beaten in the first round of the Halford Hewitt, is regarded by the Committee as an integral part of the week.  Team Captains are requested to field a full team of six players for each round in which they play.  Please remember that players in the Plate do not have to have played in the Halford Hewitt.  The first round of the Prince’s Plate will take place at Royal St George’s Golf Club on Friday 10th September.  The second and third rounds will be played at Prince’s Golf Club on Saturday 11th, and the semi-final and final at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, alongside the semi-final and final of the Halford Hewitt, on Sunday 12th.

I regret to say that at the time of writing we have been unable to make any arrangements to play the Peter Kenyon Bowl.  Should this situation change, an announcement will be made in the normal way.

Please note the following non-retrospective guidelines for eligibility for all competitions run by the PSGS:-

1)     Anyone under 18 on the first day of the competition will be ineligible.

2)     Contestants must have spent a minimum of 3 full terms or the equivalent of one full curriculum year as a pupil at a Hewitt participating school between the ages of 13 and 18.

3)     Entry can only be made from one school ad infinitum and it is considered against the spirit of the competition for a contestant to represent two separate schools in different competitions.

4)     Contestants must be a Member of their Old School Society or its equivalent.

Please ensure that your entry form details your accommodation arrangements, including a telephone number and the full name and address of your Hewitt team Captain. The Hon Secretary of each Society must return the enclosed entry form to me, preferably by email or to the above address together with payment for £215 to cover green fees for all competitors, entry for the Princes Plate Competition, staff gratuities, and general expenses.  This also includes a nominal amount of £20 per team which will be allocated to the Halford Hewitt Centenary Fund and used to fund the centenary celebrations in 2024.  Cheques should be made payable to the “Public Schools Golfing Society”.  Payments may be made electronically to the PSGS, account number 01723503, sort code 30-98-26.  Please ensure you put the school name as a reference, initials are not a unique form of identification.

Please submit entries by Monday 7th June 2021.

The 2021 Annual General Meeting, followed by the draw, will be held in the Smoking Room (on the first floor), at the East India, Devonshire, Sports and Public Schools Club, 16 St James’s Square, London, SW1 on Tuesday 29th June 2021 at 6:00pm.  A special bar for the Society’s exclusive use will be prepared in the Clive Room on the ground floor.

Please complete the below form. You can also download the form here and email it to honsec@halfordhewitt.org or post it to the above address together with your remittance for £215 to arrive not later than Monday, 7th June 2021. Electronic payments should be made to the PSGS, account 01723503, sort-code 30-98-26; please state school name in the reference as society initials are not unique. Cheques should be made payable to the PUBLIC SCHOOLS GOLFING SOCIETY and sent in with the entry form if that is your preferred method of submission.



    Hon Secretary, Public Schools Golfing Society